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Welcome to Family Wealth Partners

  • Do you want to take a look at your life goals and progress towards achieving them?
  • Would you like to review or create your retirement plan & strategy to achieve or maintain it?
  • Want assistance or a second opinion on your current or previous 401k, IRA or Other Investment?
  • Is planning for college expenses and how to pay for them something you need to address?
  • Have you started a new job or thinking about changing jobs and want to talk through the impact of that? 
  • Do you have Other financial goals and concerns ... New house? Mountain or Beach Home? New car? New baby? New business?...

If any of the above questions apply to you then consider meeting wth us to discover how we can help you get the financial clarity you need. 

We tell our clients that if it has to do with money, think of FWP.  Our outside perspective can bring light to variables that might have been missed or not thought of.  Then together we will discuss and review the options, potential outcomes and your confidence in making the best choices for your situation and circumstances.    

Meet with us for a complimentary consultation to discuss any information you might find helpful & to learn more about how FWP may be a resource to you and your family.

Have Your Own Personal Financial Website

All of our clients have access to their own personal financial website. How much they use it and into what depth depends on them. To learn more about this tool, we encourage you to watch the brief video below and use program to start looking at some of your own personal financial goals. 

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