Family Wealth Partners is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and Fiduciary Firm in North Carolina. We believe everyone needs competent Investment and Financial Planning advice and make it accessible by requiring no minimum investment or net worth to work with us.

People who are serious about their goals and making sound financial decisions can benefit from our investor education, professional guidance, investment advice, and financial planning expertise.

By having an initial meeting with us or attending one of our education events you can learn and discover for yourself how we provide our services, what to expect, and the ways we specifically may be able to help and partner with you.

Meet Our Team


Keith Laibson

Keith Laibson | Family Wealth Partners

President & Founder

Investment Advisor
Lead Financial Planner

Keith has been a registered investment advisor since 1997. He has real life experience servicing Individuals, Families and Business Owners in all kinds of markets & economies. Keith works directly with clients in assisting them with investing, proper diversification & allocation, overall & ongoing financial planning, and many other aspects of ones financial life.


Leo Theriault

Leo Theriault | Family Wealth Partners

Vice President

Investment Advisor
Manager of TuitionFocus-College Planning Service

Leo's background is in student lending, financial aid and helping families with college funding strategy. After attending Family Wealth Partner's education events, he saw the value in expanding his knowledge to serve clients in a broader capacity and joined Family Wealth Partners as an advisor in 2013.


Eileen Laibson

Clients Services & Operations

Eileen's background is in education, as she started her career as an elementary school teacher.  In 2005 she joined Family Wealth Partners as our client services specialist and overtime taking on the role of operations.  Eileen's role is assisting the advisors, staff, and clients with all aspects of creating, servicing accounts, and following up with clients on multiple things.  In addition, she assists and leads in many of the overall operations of the firm and compliance.


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