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Many people are not even aware of the Stock Picking and Market Timing occurring inside their investments, and mindset portrayed that those activities add value.  You can still invest in the stock market by utilized Index or Market Based Funds while also eliminating the Stock Picking and Market Timing... or what we like to call it the "speculating and gambling by others with your money".

People are lead to believe and have the mindset that either themselves or someone has the skill to pick the best stocks and know when to get in or out of the stock market based on their predictions of what is going to happen.  Others are not even aware this activity is taking place inside their products.

This activity of active stock picking  does not add value and is harmful whether it is done by themselves, their advisers or mangers inside what they own.

You work hard to accumulate what you have, so start today and focus on what matters most inside your 401k, IRA, and Other Accounts.

Regardless of the amount of trust you have with any Adviser it is still up to you to know the right questions, what to ask, what to look for and to understand what it is you are up against.

At Family Wealth Partners:

  • We focus on proper diversification and asset allocation to enhance the probability of success.
  • We eliminate the stock picking & marketing timing “active management” and do not allow other people to speculate and gamble with your money.
  • We employ the services of asset class or structured funds to focus on diversifying prudently and capturing market returns which historically delivers better returns than the commonly used actively managed products.

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