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Family Wealth Partners is able to work with families to address the ever increasing expense of sending their kids to college and how it fits within their larger financial life through their dedicated service called TuitionFocus.

The College Board reported the national average published Tuition, Fees, and Room & Board for the 2017-2018 school year was:

~ $46,950 for Private 4 yr Colleges
~ $36,420 for Public 4yr Out-Of-State Colleges
~ $20,770 for Public 4 yr In-State Colleges

Do you have a plan to pay your part of a potential $80,000 to $180,000+ cost for a Bachelor Degree? And these figures don’t show signs of shrinking.

So if you have younger, elementary or middle school kids; those dollar amounts get bigger.  No matter the age of students, the best day to start planning, saving and investing is today.

TuitionFocus helps you identify YOUR Strategy to reduce the cost of college and pay for it as wisely as possible.  We do this by looking at your unique College Options, Financial Aid (Need & Merit-Based) potential, Tax Aid possibilities and the best use of your Personal Resources.

Leo manages the TuitionFocus service.

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